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Announcing Hunt Reporting’s State-of-the-Art Deposition Service – Deposition Video Express!

Hunt Reporting is very pleased to announce the introduction of our most recent, state-of-the-art court reporting services with the launch of Deposition Video Express, DVX.

Have you ever wanted to review deposition testimony before you receive the official transcript? Are you preparing for trial and want key video clips for presentation? Now you can with Deposition Video Express. 

Here’s how it works.

Our specially trained and equipped court reporters will record your deposition with audio and video recording equipment. At the conclusion of the deposition, they will provide you with a thumb drive that includes the entire audio/video file. Also included is the court reporter’s log notes. These notes provide a chronological and searchable log of the events occurring during the deposition i.e. objections, marking of exhibits, direct and cross examination, etc.

What can I do with the A/V file?

Included with every DVX  deposition file is the viewer provided by Visionary Legal Technologies and the A/V file. Pop the thumb drive into your computer and start the player. The video and log notes files appear. To review the deposition, simply play the file, search for key words and make video clips all within minutes of the deposition and before you receive the transcript.

*Demonstration provided courtesy of Visionary Legal Technologies

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