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Since 1977, Hunt Reporting’s experienced staff have been providing verbatim legal transcription services. Our long list of clients includes the Federal and State Courts, Federal and State Government agencies, legal professionals, conventioneers, and the private sector.

Verbatim transcription means word-for- word. Hunt Reporting’s experienced staff uses state-of- the-art recording technology to transcribe every word. We will do the research necessary to find the information needed to provide you with the proper format and accuracy you require. Particular attention is given to specific formats, spellings of proper names and technical terminology.

Secure File Transfer Technology

Take advantage of Hunt Reporting’s secure file transfer capabilities. Upload your digital recording files quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. This low-cost means of delivery virtually eliminates costly postage and time delays. Simply upload your recordings to your secure personal, password-protected folder and within minutes our staff can be transcribing your testimony. Court transcription offices and court reporters alike can send us their files for rush and regular delivery transcription services. Our staff of experienced transcribers are standing by to download and transcribe your recordings.

Digital and Analogue Recording Formats

Hunt Reporting typists have the capability to transcribe recording files from most analogue and digital recording formats. Most courts have replaced analogue recording systems with more sophisticated digital equipment. County, State and Federal Courts are moving away from the traditional court reporter and installing more economical digital recording systems. Popular court recording systems such as CourtSmart, FTR, JAVS and VIQ are being installed across the country. We support transcription of these formats as well as the following list: wav (Wave), mp3, mp2, dss (Olympus, Philips), msv, & dvf (Sony), dct, ra & rm (RealAudio), wma (Windows Media Audio), au, aif, vox, pcm, adpcm, uLaw, aLaw, celp , sbc , dsp (TrueSpeech), gsm 6.0, cda (Compact Disc Audio). Feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions about these recording formats.

Analogue recording formats include all sizes of cassette tapes including standard, micro and mini. Many recordings produced in a legal environment are recorded in multiple tracks and varying speeds. Our staff has the ability to transcribe from audiotapes recorded at standard, ½, and ¼ speed for 1- track, 2- track and 4-track cassette tapes. Have a file recorded in VHS video? We can transcribe it.

American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers

“Since 1994, hundreds of members in states all across the United States have obtained their electronic/digital certifications through AAERT. The Association is now recognized in many states as the association best suited to offer certification for electronic and digital court reporters. Just as first envisioned back in 1994, AAERT has become the authority in electronic and digital court reporting, both in establishing best practices and in certification.”

  • All Digital and Analogue Recording Formats
  • AAERT Certified Transcribers
  • Secure File Transfer
  • State-of- the-art Transcription Technology
  • Analogue to Digital Format Conversion
  • VHS Transcription
  • Litigation Support with Visionary Legal Technology’s suite of products
  • Transcripts available on CD or other electronic formats

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