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Legal Video Reporting

Since the beginning of legal video depositions in the mid-1980s, Hunt Reporting has recorded thousands of video depositions. Our staff of skilled videographers uses state-of- the-art recording equipment to ensure excellent audio and video quality. Particular attention is paid to lighting, witness location and backdrop as well as demonstrative models and exhibits. Jurisdictional rules are strictly followed.

  • Synchronize your video with the text of the deposition. Sit at your computer and review the video transcript to quickly and easily prepare for trial.

  • Exhibits can be scanned and imbedded into your video file for point and click access during video playback.

  • Trial presentation software by Visionary Legal Technologies helps your legal team assemble your depositions into a usable, effective presentation format. Merely point and click to playback key deposition testimony to impeach a witness or support your arguments.

  • Key word search capabilities enable staff to advance to key testimony and playback video with the click of a mouse.

  • Export video clips to popular presentation programs like PowerPoint or Visionary Viewer to present at trial or share with co-counsel, claims adjusters and witnesses.

  • Video Depositions
  • Video Synchronize to Transcript
  • Exhibit Scanning
  • Keyword Search Capabilities
  • Export Trial Presentation Software

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